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Leah and I stayed up way to late last night. I had to get up earlier than normal this morning to give the neighbor a ride to PT. I was trying my best not to fall asleep waiting for my PT time. I had a meeting with the family advocacy lady yesterday. She wanted to talk about my speeding with Ethen in the car. Since I was going over 20 over with a child in the car it is child endangerment and the post has to do a hearing about weather or not they need to intervien on the childes behalf. She laughed about it that they had to go through all this over a speeding ticket so it should turn out fine I will find out this afternoon.


wow we actually made money with the yard sale. We went and got penny a little kennel so she can sleep in the house instead of the garage. I met our new neighbor he seems nice and their daughters arrived the kids all seem to get along so far its nice. A four day weekend another two days to go what am I going to do with myself???

We are heading over to our neighbors for a BBQ going to drink beer and play games should be fun.

New Neighbors

We have some new neighbors saw the wife unloading groceries. We sent the kids over to say hi and eventually made it over ourselves. She is nice and has three kids. The one we met is a 3 year old boy and our kids all got along he played at our house for hours. She also has two daughters that fly in tomorrow they should get along well the the neighbor girls. I havn't met her husband yet she said he was at the gym he should be in the same battalion as me but I can't say for sure.

We spent the whole day cleaning the Garage Leah wants to have a Garage sale booo I hate them and it is going to rain all weekend. I am so tired from moving all the stuff in the Garage.


 and leahs hands are cold

so ya

and stuff.
another day onother dollar as they say. I have today off but I'm making money ha no matter how much or little I work I get paid. Well then should I work at all? lol ya that is pretty much what happens in the army work as hard as possable to not work at all. So what are we doing tomorrow  sitting and bullshitting. yup that is life. well I've been stupid lately so got so drunk I thought I was going to die the other day got caught speeding on post the other day you know that is verry bad yup you woldn't belive what they can do to you for speeding take your driving on post privalge away take your pay for a few months reduce you in rank make you do extra duity for over a month.

well I would type some more but the bbc is too damn good ttyl well maby in a few months

At Work

ya so I'm here at work the last word is we will be at work for upto 5 day yes at work sleep eat and all for 5 days well i guess I had better figure out ware to sleep huh. 

Still alive

I am still alive I know that I havnt been posting but that is because I havnt been on the computer much. I built this new computer and well their have been many many complications. Needless to say I have been frustrated and just stoped using any computer at all. I sit at a computer at work now so i may actualy post something interesting. Not that much of interest happens in my life. 


This is an awesome alarm system for messin with people I am going to get one to fuck with my kids it will be so awesome.

Almost home

Its so close now we have shut down and move all our equiptment. Now all that is left is to clean it and pack it to go. I should be home pretty soon oh i cant wait.
Tv's with tv channels, Fast internet with no download limits. Couches and chairs, Not having to put on shoes to go to the toilet, Having a kitchen, Not having to wair flip flops in the shower, SEX, Stores with stuff, Resteraunts, Good food, Civilian cloths, Being naked in my home, Not having a comunal shower, days off, drivning places instead of walking, laundry that doesnt take 3 days to get back, my  computer desk, book stores, electronic stores, beer, SEX, 
sooo many things that will be nice in the us.


Its getting close to my time to leave. I will be back in the us by thanksgiving! How odd I say I am heading home but is it really home. I don't have a place to live my family isn't there. If I'm lucky I will be able to get on post housing pretty quick when I get back from Iraq it was far to expensive to live in town there.
    My wife has been having troubles heading to the ER four times in the last month. I can't wait to be home with her she does much better with me around I am worried about her.


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